At all times, VB uses modern, approved equipment, which meets all safety requirements. Its range of equipment includes:

  • A fleet of 10 m-long mooring launches and flat barges, including the VB 10, which is used to bring provisions and equipment on board. We also have the 12 m-long VB 4, which can also be used for light push-towing and towage work, and a covered barge for the transportation of bulk provisions and large-scale equipment.
  • Vebo Runner fast launch.
  • A winch car and two winch trucks. The hydraulically operated winches are specially designed for VB, and facilitate faster mooring and unmooring.
  • A hydraulic servicing platform which can be used to take people on board at the locks. 
  • AK4 Floating Fender System, used during lock passage of carcarriers.
  • Vebo Aqua fresh water barge.