Safety and quality are of paramount importance throughout all VB’s activities. All our staff are VCA-certified, with a commercial vessel master’s certificate, and all boatmen are registered with the NBV-boatman register.

All our vessels are capable of being brought alongside ships carrying dangerous substances, and are ADNR-certificated.

We have been awarded ISO-certification NEN-EN-ISO-9001: 2008, and the Zeeland Seaports Port Authority and Dow Benelux regularly call upon our expertise in connection with jetty safety and design.

VB operates to the highest standards of quality. Keywords are planned maintenance programmes, training schemes and formal company procedures for all operational activities. Regardless of procedure, safety always comes first. 

SHE-Q (safety, health, environment & quality) certification plays a central role in the company's day-to-day operations. Regular safety meetings are held ashore and afloat. Follow-up is assured by ISO 9001 certification.

VB is committed to upholding safety and quality programmes at all times, including those involving environmental care. This is evidenced by full compliance with international and national regulations, codes and good practice, and a commitment to ongoing education and training for all personnel.