About Verenigde Bootlieden

Verenigde Bootlieden provides boatmen services in the port of Terneuzen, the Netherlands. It has been providing these specialist maritime services, such as mooring and unmooring, helmsman services and crew tendering, for over a century. Today, it is a subsidiary of Multraship Towage & Salvage, a division of the Muller Maritime Group.The company’s office is situated on the waterfront in Terneuzen, from where its experienced and certificated staff operate a range of services to ISO standards and beyond.

Verenigde Bootlieden's core activities are:

  • Mooring and unmooring
  • Helmsman Services
  • Tender and storage services for ship supplies
  • Crew and passenger tender services

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Safety and quality are of paramount importance for all Montis Mooring’s activities. All our staff are VCA-certified and all Boatmen are registered in the NBV-Boatman register. All our workboats can moor alongside ships carrying dangerous substances and are ADN-certificated.

We have been awarded ISO-certification NEN-EN-ISO-9001:2015, and the North Sea Port Authority and Dow Benelux regularly call upon our expertise in connection with jetty safety and design.

SHE-Q (safety, health, environment & quality) certification plays a central role in the company's day-to-day operations. Regular safety meetings are held ashore and afloat. Follow-up is assured by ISO 9001 certification. Regardless of procedure, safety always comes first.

‘We have been working together with the Verenigde Bootlieden for many years now and we appreciate the services they deliver. It is a reliable partner and most importantly, they understand the business OVET is operating in!’

Mooring and unmooring

Mooring and unmooring

Verenigde Bootlieden’s mooring and unmooring services are synonymous with quality, safety and efficiency. We are available in the port around the clock, and can reach any vessel without delay. Operations are carried out in the locks, alongside quays and, using our mooring launches, we moor and unmoor vessels on jetties and poles.



Our qualified Helmsmen are experts with exhaustive knowledge of the River Scheldt and the Terneuzen-to-Ghent Canal. They will safely and efficiently steer your vessel to its destination, in consultation with the Pilot and under command of the vessel's Master.


Tender & storage services for ship supplies

Tender & storage services for ship supplies

Let Verenigde Bootlieden take care of your ship supplies. We will deliver your order where and when you want. We stay in close contact with your agent, so we know if your ship’s arrival in port has been delayed. Whether it concerns valuable spare parts or ship's stores, we will ensure that your items and goods will be delivered on board quickly. And we have ample onshore storage facilities for everything from frozen products to gas bottles. Furthermore, we can provide a temporary storage for everything.

Ship supplies

Transport your ship’s stores or other goods to vessels in and around the port of Terneuzen.

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Crew tenders & passenger transport

Crew tenders & passenger transport

Verenigde Bootlieden specializes in waterborne passenger transport. It cuts down on travelling time, with the journey from Terneuzen to Everingen anchorage, for example, taking just ten minutes. Our taxi service VEBOCAB can collect passengers and ship’s crews from airports such as Amsterdam or Brussels in our fleet of Mercedes minibuses and sedans. Our drivers all have extensive experience in assisting crewmembers with immigration & visa formalities. 

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Additional services

Additional services

Pollution response

In case of pollution in the port area, Verenigde Bootlieden can provide swift pollution response with skimmers and oil booms . We operate in close cooperation with the local port authorities.

Providing other port services

Verenigde Bootlieden can provide crew for rigging assistance on unmanned towed objects such as vessels and barges. 

‘Reliable and consistent services with a high safety standard are the key points of our daily corporation.’

Boatmen education

As a Boatman, you are a nautical service provider. From mooring and unmooring of seagoing vessels to assistance in the event of emergencies in port, passenger transport and water deliveries in and around the port of Terneuzen. The work takes place both on board and ashore. We operate around the clock so you work in a shift system, going home after every shift. You will attend the Shipping and Transport College for the theoretical part of the Boatman Education (level 3). Depending on your certificates and diplomas, it will be determined which subjects you have to take and for which exemptions you may be eligible. After three years, practical knowledge must be sufficiently developed, which is tested with a practical exam. When this is successfully completed and the theory exams are also properly completed, the student obtains the Boatman's diploma. Therefore, before an apprentice is allowed to call himself "Boatman", intensive training, inspection and education must take place and this makes an important contribution to safety and quality in the port.